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Body Aches – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Body aches are one of the common problems that people suffer due to discomfort, exercise, or tiredness. However, there are many other symptoms of this unusual condition. 

Though body aches are harmless, it is necessary to know what are its causes, what is the complications, and whom to visit. Mostly, body aches differ in frequency and intensity. Some pains are not continuous, but sharp, while some are continuous but dull. 

People can do home treatment for body aches, but if the condition is severe, then they must seek medical help. 

Body Aches : Signs and Symptoms  

Below-mentioned are some of the common symptoms that you’ll feel alongside body aches, if the complications are going worst then you should visit a doctor. 

Some common symptoms of body aches are-

  • Cold and flu-like symptoms
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in any part of our body. 
  • Shivers or changes in body temperature

Causes of Body Aches 

Body aches may be caused due to various reasons. Some are treated easily and are less painful, while some aches can occur due to some serious conditions including-

  1. Infections and viruses 

Common cold, flu, or other bacterial infections can cause body aches. When these infections enter your body then the immune system sends white blood cells to fight against the infections, which promotes inflammation, and makes the muscle feel ache or strong. 

  1. Medications 

Some medications like blood pressure and statins have side effects that can make the body feel stiff and achy. Also, alcohol and drugs like opiates and cocaine have a similar effect. 

  1. Stress

Stress can lead to tension in the body along with weaken the immune system. This results in making the muscles strong and affects the body’s response to infection and inflammation. 

  1. Dehydration

A person must stay hydrated to make the body function smooth and well. Otherwise, dehydration can result in tired a soreness. 

  1. Lack of sleep 

Lack of sleep can affect the body’s ability to repair cells and tissues. When the body couldn’t able to repair, then the person feels aches and pain. 

  1. Arthritis 

Arthritis is defined as the swelling or the tenderness of one or more joints. Joint pain and stiffness can be defined as their main symptoms. 

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome 

It relates to a person who does not take sufficient sleep, as a result, they may suffer from muscular aches, exhaustion, weakness, and insomnia. 


Home Treatments of Body Pain 

You can go with the treatment prescribed by your doctor, but a person shouldn’t be dependent on this, instead should go with the below remedies to alleviate the disorders. 

  • Rest allows the body time to repair several disorders. 
  • Staying hydrated helps to lower the achiness that occurs due to dehydration. 
  • The warm heat can help to relax muscles, reduce achiness and tensions in the body. 
  • Regular exercise and stretches are compulsory to reduce body aches.
  • Having non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help to lower pain and inflammation. 

When a person should visit a doctor for Body aches 

A person must visit a doctor if homemade treatment does not turn out beneficial for them

  • Pain that is persistent and couldn’t be improved by home remedies.
  • Severe pain, especially if there is no apparent cause
  • Pain or body aches that are caused due to rash.
  • Body aches and pains after a tick bite.
  • Continuous fever can become severe. 
  • Body pain occurs due to medication. 
  • Body pain or muscular pain that occur due to swelling or redness. 

Other serious symptoms need an immediate check-up. These are- 

  • severe water retention
  • difficulty swallowing, drinking, or eating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Vomiting due to high temperature or fever
  • A stiff neck
  • Changes in vision
  • Extreme exhaustion that endures and does not go away
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Weak muscles or unable to make any movements
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness
  • A seizure

If a person’s body aches extended to 2 weeks, without knowing the cause of it, then he/she should immediately visit to doctor, to stop the rise of any other symptoms.

It is necessary to get a proper treatment by the specialist, if the pain couldn’t be handled by you, as the specialist can help diagnose the cause of body aches, and provide you the best treatment to curb the pain, so that you can live healthy and tension free.

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